“They are leading experts in the medical reimbursement world
and have helped to educate us in the nuts and bolts of the
process.” Bryan W., M.D.

“Money is flowing again”Barry H., M.D.

“Now I can focus on our patients. The office runs smoothly
without the added stress of billing issues.”Tracy V., Office Mgr.

The Devil is in the details and when it comes to medical billing, so is your profit!


  As a physician and business owner, you are faced with Three choices...get     involved, delegate, or outsource.

  • The first choice can be a second full-time career that’s laden with extreme frustration and timeconsuming run around.

  • The second choice might work but often leads to expensive lessons in human nature.

  • The third choice can bring you peace of mind, less stress, reduced overhead, increased physician and patient satisfaction, and improved income!

  • AR Management
  • Electronic Claims
  • Remote Access
  • No New Billing Software
  • Digital Face Sheets
  • Digital EOB's
  • Electronic Statements
  • Digital Reports
  • Credentialing

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